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PHP is one of the many server-side languages you can learn to build web sites. It joins other languages such as Java, ASP.NET, Ruby, and R. Eighty percent of the top 10 websites are powered by PHP, including Facebook and Wikipedia. PHP has consistently demonstrated its ability to scale the largest web sites while at the same time having an easier learning curve than other languages. This article explains why you should learn PHP and what it can do for your career.
PHP is a programming language that is very similar to C but has a few small differences. For example, instead of creating a code string, you can write the code and save it as a file instead of using curly brackets. Its name was originally an acronym for personal home page tools, but it has since become associated with PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.
A neat feature of PHP is that it's very flexible and versatile. PHP is almost the same as if it was an object-oriented language, making it a very convenient language to work with. It also has a quite powerful meta-language for developers.
PHP is typically used to run Web sites, but you can run PHP on your Windows, macOS, and Linux workstations. The easiest way to run PHP is to install Docker and then run a container with PHP included. The container referred to in the link has PHP, MySQL, and NGINX running in a single container. You can be up and running in a few hours.

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